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Rejuderm Scar Cream is a pioneering peeling product which can reduce old raised scars caused by wounds, suturing and lacerations, along with controlling their itching. This cream helps to soften and flatten raised scars and reduce their redness or darkness. Old scars are defined as those which have formed more than a year ago. The innovative formulation of this cream results in an exclusive mechanism for peeling, in which some invisible scabs slough off and integrate with the cream, and may later wash off with warm water. This method allows gentle peeling without any inflammation. Thus, it can leave the skin fresh and soft after few applications.
Rejuderm Scar Cream is a natural cream with Allantoin, Vitamin E and herbal oils among its ingredients. Each and every ingredients has an important role in producing the final results. Read More...
Easy to apply, natural ingredients and non-inflammatory mechanism; there are just a few exclusive advantages of Rejuderm scar care cream. Read More...
Achieving the best results needs proper use of Rejuderm Scar Cream. Gentle massage, proper duration of application and true washing instruction. These are the key points of getting the best results. Read More...
You can store Rejuderm Scar Cream in cool dry place for three years. As it has natural ingredients, you can store it longer if you keep it in the refrigerator.
Rejuderm Scar Cream has good skin compatibility and can be used in children, elderly people, pregnant and nursing mothers; however, as with any topical preparation applied directly on the skin's surface, some type of adverse reactions such as redness, inflammation and skin itching is possible.