• Massage
  • Frequency of use
  • Washing instruction
  • Duration of use
  • Precaution

Apply a little amount of cream on the scar area and massage it gently. This should be done through mild finger pressure. Massage with hand palm has less precision compared to fingers and also cream absorption in the palm will lead to its wastage. For better result, massage should be done in all directions, both vertically and horizontally (like a cross). When massaging, the cream integrates with skin scabs causing the cream to gradually thicken and dry up in a way that you can feel a dry and viscose sensation beneath your fingers which ultimately reduces the massaging speed.

The amount of cream should be sufficient for 1.5 minutes of massaging. If the scar area is large, it is better to apply cream on each 5 centimeters separately. This way, the massage will be performed with better precision giving you better control over the speed and pressure. This also prevents drying of the cream on the scar’s margins. Massaging with excessive pressure and speed could irritate the scar and increase itching.

Precaution: If scar bleeding occurs (for example due to a cut by shaving razor blade, injury, etc.) massaging the cream in to this part of the scar may actually prolongs the healing period; therefore, do not apply Rejuderm Scar Cream if the area is injured, rather, wait until injuries and its surrounding area are fully healed.

3 times a day (with a minimum interval of 5 hours).

You can wash the affected area half an hour after application. Generally as long as the scar exists and you are applying Rejuderm Scar Cream, avoid taking hot or cold showers as this induces itching and causes scar resistance. Also it is better to use soap bars rather than washing liquid, shampoos or other chemical substances; do not rub the scar’s surface while washing.

Fading of scars may ultimately occur from a period of 45 days to 2 years.

1) If the scar is located around the eye it is necessary to apply Rejuderm Scar Cream with utmost caution. Avoid direct contact with the eyes. If the cream accidentally gets into your eyes, rinse well with water or eyewash solution and do not rub your eyes. 
2) Always keep the cream in its box, in order to protect it from the environment’s warmth or cold. 
3) Rejuderm Scar Cream does not have any effect on healthy skin. But if inflammation or small pimples begin to appear on healthy skin (around the scar), wash the skin with lukewarm water and soap half an hour after each application. If the allergic reaction does not subside within a week, discontinue applying the cream for a while; you can resume later by applying the cream carefully only onto the scar tissue and gently massaging the affected area.
4) Remember that massaging with excessive pressure and speed could irritate the scar and increase skin itching.



  • 1
    Rejuderm Scar Cream provides maximum relief from itching. Usually this kind of itching fails to subside even by applying corticosteroids.
  • 2
    Fresh scars are commonly rigid and old scars are commonly softer. Applying Rejuderm Scar Cream gradually softens the scar area. 
  • 3
    Scars significantly reduce their width and thickness by applying Rejuderm Scar Cream. Gently sloping of the scar’s edges and flattening its surface are signs of this taking effect. Consequently, the scar shrinks and diminishes.
  • 4
    Rejuderm Scar Cream, stabilizes the scar color and will brighten it gradually.