Beauty and the resulting confidence is an important factor in mental and social well-being; It is widely accepted that people spend a lot to achieve beauty. As most cosmetic procedures are expensive, not everyone has access to these services. The purpose of SCA is to provide efficient and inexpensive products so everyone can benefit from them.
In SCA, two types of skin problems are addressed: first, skin problems for which efficient treatment has not yet been proposed (such as raised scars and keloids), second, skin flaws for which expensive treatments are available (such as skin aging and acne pitted scars). In the SCA program, beauty is a dream-come-true for everyone. This program targets a widespread range of skin problems, from a simple skin discoloration to different kinds of scars.
Below you can find important factors which were cared for in this program:

Nowadays, many available cosmetic procedures are invasive and cause side effects, ranging from inflammation to serious side effects of general anesthesia. The Rejuderm Model emphasizes on production and use of products with:

- No specific risk 
- Minimal stress and undesired complications 
- No downtime
- Reasonable price to satisfy both physician and patient

Some skin care methods are not available for everyone, either due to high costs, or limitation regarding their use in specific groups such as young children, the elderly, pregnant or nursing mothers and people suffering from specific diseases. The Rejuderm Model aims at introducing products that can be used by people with different conditions and characteristics.

Some of the current skin care methods cannot ensure the best skin care quality; while the Rejuderm model has designed products with high efficiency and high to quality that are fully capable of satisfying both physicians and patients.

Another advantage of the Rejuderm model is its commitment to use natural ingredients. This method ensures minimum side effects, increases efficiency and ultimately reduces costs; all of which are Rejuderm’s main concerns.



Rejuderm Scar Cream is a
pioneering peeling product which
can reduce old raised scars caused
by wounds, suturing and lacerations,
along with controlling their itching.
This cream helps to soften and flatten
raised scars and reduce their redness
or darkness.