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Maintenance and promotion of health is the most initial and fundamental need of the human being. The founders of Rejuline believe that staying healthy doesn’t solely mean not having diseases, but also involves benefiting from physical and psychosocial well-being. Since health is the basic element of everyday life, the Rejuline model and its programs are based on the policy of “General Health Promotion”.
Human health is always threatened by illnesses and accidents. 
Incurable and debilitating diseases (like diabetes, discopathy, and chronic renal disease) affect patient’s quality of life. 
Burn victims experience chronic wounds, painful debridement, long term hospitalization and permanent scars which can alter their personal and social life. 
Diabetic patients or people suffering from debilitating diseases (such as spinal palsy) are always at risk of chronic wounds for which a perfect treatment has not yet been proposed. Considering these problems and similar conditions, the Rejuline model was designed with the purpose of protecting public health. This model aims at introducing strategies and products which can deliver a healthy, high quality and enjoyable life for everyone, including patients, in the shortest time and with the least expenses possible.


Wounds are one of the most prevalent problems affecting almost everyone during their life. This is what the Rejuderm model had focused on and ultimately achieved in WHI.

Beauty and the resulting confidence is an important factor in mental and social well-being; In the SCA program, beauty is a dream-come-true for everyone. This program targets a widespread range of skin problems, from a simple skin discoloration to different kinds of scars.