Rejuderm Scar Cream is a natural cream with Allantoin, Vitamin E and herbal oils among its ingredients. Each and every ingredients has an important role in producing the final results;

Here you can see the most important ones:


Allantoin is one of the important ingredients of this cream, for which studies have shown its many benefits:
1) Increasing the rate of cell regeneration and renewal: One of the important roles of Allantoin is to increase the speed of cell reproduction and promote rapid cell renewal. This property will help in rapid regeneration of cells when dead and damaged ones are removed by various mechanisms. Thus, skin problems will heal rapidly.
2) Inflammation relief
3) Skin moisturizing
4) Keratolytic properties: Allantoin can break down and remove the excess keratin which is found in the outer layer of the skin. This action will improve skin texture and cause softness the skin. Note that some other scar products have also used Allantoin, but the advantage of Rejuderm Scar Cream is its special formulation, which provides the optimized condition for Allantoin to perform its actions. Thus, presence of Allantoin along with other ingredients in the cream results in its exclusive effects on scars.

+   UNSATURATED FATTY ACIDS (in herbal oils)

Unsaturated fatty acids can safely interact with free radicals and prevent their harmful effects. It has been shown that free radicals have a major role in hypertrophic scar and keloids formation. Thus, Rejuderm Scar Cream can reduce the risk of keloid and hypertrophic scar formation after wound healing.


Vitamin E is a well-known antioxidant and the most abundant one in skin that can neutralize free radicals and thus prevent further oxidation reaction. Vitamin E has other beneficial effects as well, for example there are studies showing its protective effect against hypertrophic scar formation. In addition, it can prevent erythema and edema caused by UV exposure.
Vitamin C is another well-known antioxidant that is necessary for skin’s health and beauty. This vitamin is essential in both synthesis of collagen as well as regulating collagen and elastin synthesis. In addition, vitamin C improves skin pigmentation by blocking melanin (skin’s pigment) formation. The presence of vitamin C improves the effect of vitamin E by helping in its regeneration and increasing its antioxidant activity.


In Rejuderm Scar Cream, effective moisturizers such as glycerin and propylene glycol are used, which act by restoring hydration of the skin. Studies have shown that increasing epidermal hydration not only causes improved skin texture and a more radiant complexion, but also helps reduce hyperemia, inflammation, and collagen deposition in scars, thus reducing scar formation.


Peeling agents used in this cream (glycolic acid, salicylic acid and lactic acid) are natural hydroxy acids that can improve skin texture when used on healthy skin. In addition, they can also improve dry skin, callosities, sun-damaged skin, and reduce old scars. Another advantage of these agents is their peeling mechanism which does not result in scaling or inflammation. It means that while massaging the cream, a thin invisible layer of skin is removed and blends into the cream. Washing the area with tepid water helps rinse off the peeled dead skin cells.